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Welcome to the Homepage of ANGAR TAXATION SERVICE SL (CIF:B54082029), personal Non Resident Tax Service.


Angar Taxation Service have been successfully operating in Torrevieja, Alicante, providing a specialist Service to the Non Resident taxpayer since 2006 when the company was constituted. Many changes have taken place since the burst of the real estate bubble, and now it is even more important than ever to have a system in place to meet the anual tax demand as Non Resident spanish property owners.


Because many owners of spanish property live outside of Spain, it is important to have an individual or business who is physically on hand to represent you with regards to your legal obligation to pay taxes in Spain as a Non Resident spanish property owner. 

Did you know for example that if you own part or full share of a property in Spain and you do not live in Spain, you have to automatically pay two taxes each year?

-IBI Tax. Payment to the Town Hall of Local Rates
-Non Resident Income Tax. Payment to the National Tax Office of Imputed or Notional Tax which means you have to pay whether you physically are receiving any income from the property or not.

Ownership of part or full share of a property in Spain comes with the obligation to abide by its Laws one of which is the obligation to pay any taxes that may be due in Spain within the established time period of payment. The obligation is on the taxpayer to understand what taxes may be due, to calculate the amounts, to prepare the appropriate tax declaration and to make presentation and payment of tax. There can be no excuse for non payment and penalties and interests can be incurred depending on the length of time that has passed since the last due date and payment.

In a brief period, lack of attention to this important matter can very quickly escalate into an urgent and costly situation. In the majority of cases, this type of situation occurs because the property owner has no idea of what is required and cannot speak the language. Invariably one can receive informaiton or advice from a number of sources but unless they seek professional clarification, sometimes the information becomes twisted or changed in some way and so the fact gets lost in the fiction and the Non Resident taxpayer decides its something they must look at -sometime!

We understand your needs as a Non Resident spanish property owning taxpayer and we act for you as your fiscal representatives as if you were here yourself, protecting your fiscal interests at all times.


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