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Non Resident Tax in Spain Modelo 210



Q: Can I file my taxes online?

A: Yes, it is possible to do so, but our Service takes care of the whole process for the Taxpayer, each year.

Q: I work and live outside of Spain most of the year. What are the tax implications?
A: Get in contact, if you own property in Spain you are liable to pay Non Resident taxes.

Q: Should my spouse and I file joint or separate income tax returns?
A: Each Non Resident on the Title Deeds is treated individually and must pay their share.

Q: Will the Tax Office send me/us a demand?
A: No, it is each taxpayers responsibility to a) calculate the tax, b) prepare the appropriate declaration, c) present with payment OR have your Fiscal Representative look after this matter, the same for Residents or Nationals.

Q: Do I have to have a Fiscal Representative?
A: It is advisable for persons who have one property, compulsory if you have more than one property.

Q: I think I am already getting this done for me, I'm not sure?
A: It is possible, check with the individual or business you believe are providing you with this Service and ask them for proofs of payments. If you are unhappy with your treatment, or you feel that you have been paying too much, please consider to give us a try.

Q: Nobody has told me about these taxes, I don't speak Spanish and we might come to the property perhaps once a year for two weeks?
A: Unfortunately there is no excuses not to pay taxes in Spain. Spanish property owners are legally obliged to pay taxes and failure to pay on time will result in the imposition of interests and penalties being added.

Q: I can't be bothered with all this tax stuff, I want to pay the tax but don't want to have do it all myself each year, when we come, we just want to lie on the beach all day, can you help?
A: Of course, this is exactly what we do, we want for our Clients to swim in a sea of tranquility, and to have a positive Spanish experience, we can take care of the taxes.


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