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Non Resident Tax in Spain Modelo 210


New Client Registration.

In order for us to provide our Non Resident Tax Service, we will require the following documents for each of the owners:

1. Copy of Passport.
2. Copy of N.I.E. Document.

3. We will require also copies of any bills for IBI Tax (Local Rates) bill from Town Hall or office of "Suma", or copy of the direct debit bank receipt for each year of ownership.
4. If there is a mortgage loan, we will need to know how much was left to pay on the 31st of December, for each year.

In order for us to receive specific information regarding the owners and details of the property, please click on the following link:


Click here to register as a New Client for our Non Resident Tax Service


The link will direct you to an online form, which we need for you to fill out as completely as possible.

When completed, don't forget to click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page, to send us the data.

Once all the information has been received, we will confirm to you.

Once we have the capability, we will make the necessary calculations and confirm to the taxpayers, the amounts involved, in writing.


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