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Non Resident Tax in Spain Modelo 210



-Fiscal Representation
The physical act of representing the Non Resident taxpayer before the Tax Office.

To analize the Spanish fiscal situation of the taxpayer.
To offer fiscal/other advice.

To calculate amount of liability to pay.

To prepare the appropriate declaration of tax.

To present the appropriate declaration to the Tax Office.

To effect payment of tax on behalf of the taxpayer to the Tax Office.
To send proofs of all payments to the taxpayer.

-Fiscal Identity
The act of assistance in the procurement of an NIE, NIF or Residency document.

Other acts made in a fiscal capacity for the taxpayer

Our Fiscal Service is tailored to respond to the needs of each individual taxpayer.

Each of the part share owners of a Spanish property are treated as individual taxpayers, each with the obligation to pay their own share and each will need to have a seperate account with the Tax Office.


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